Chamber Staff

Rex Oliver, President/CEO

Rex Oliver was named as the new President/CEO of the Bainbridge Island Chamber of Commerce in 2012. Rex was formerly the President/CEO of the Murrieta California Chamber, a position he held for 10 years. While with the Murrieta Chamber he served as the President of the Southern California Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives (SCACCE) and sat on the board of the Western Association of Chamber Executives (WACE).


Mickey Molnaire, Director of Marketing & Tourism

Mickey has lived and worked on Bainbridge Island since the 1980’s. Not one to settle down quickly, Mickey’s work experience covers a broad spectrum, including teaching English as a foreign language, adult education, computer software training and support, and running the Fuurin-Oka futon-and-breakfast on the island for nine years. Her role at the Chamber of Commerce has allowed her to bring aspects of these experiences together to better serve the tourism and business climate on Bainbridge Island.


Lori Swanson, Director of Membership & Events

Lori has called Bainbridge Island home her entire life. Her family has owned an electrical contracting company on the island since 1974, where she spent several summers helping with data entry and cleaning before managing the company office for 5 years. She also worked as a cook in several local restaurants, at the Bainbridge Island branch of the Kitsap Regional Library, at a dive bar in South Africa, and as a freelance WordPress site manager.

Non-traditional in many senses, Lori received her grade-school education through homeschooling and free-range exploration of her interests and hobbies. Nowadays, her interests include visual and graphic arts, history, music, home improvement projects, video games, and puppies. Lori lives on Bainbridge Island with her glassblower husband and her two high-energy kids.


Ben Graves, Member Support

In 2014, Ben fell in love with the beauty of Bainbridge Island, moving out West from his home state of Kentucky. He previously worked as a bank president in Louisville, helping establish and grow several banking branches. Since he moved to Bainbridge, Ben has immersed himself into the island’s community by volunteering for local organizations and establishing close relationships with business owners. In 2017 he began volunteering for the Chamber of Commerce’s Visitor Information Center; a role which led him to become the Chambers newest staff member in May of 2018.


Kris Rothert, Licensing Manager


Visitor Center Hosts
Sean Gabriel
Anna Oeste
Pamela Williams

VIC Volunteers
Frances Burress
Tj Faddis
Sean Gabriel
Antonio Garcia
Jonah Rapp
Evellyn Reed
Matt Rothe
Patricia Weber

Photo Credit: Brenda Franklin, Genuine Image Photography