New Members

US Coast Guard Auxiliary North Kitsap

Phone: 360-763-4348
Website: www.uscgaux.info
Category: Service Organizations
Member Since: 10/4/2018



Phone: 425-241-7714
Website: www.barrecor.com
Category: Fitness
Member Since: 8/14/18


Laetitia Piano

Phone: 206-948-4102
Website: www.laetitiapiano.com
Category: Music Education
Member Since: 8/7/2018


Salty Dog Wash

Phone: 206-451-4040
Website: www.saltydogwashbi.com
Category: Dog Groomers
Member Since: 7/31/2018


Ferrier Productions

Phone: 206-696-8081
Website: www.barbaraferrier.com
Category: Art
Member Since: 7/9/2018


Coffee Flour

Phone: 425-614-6387
Website: www.coffeeflour.com
Category: Wholesale
Member Since: 6/20/2018


Nelson Construction & Planning

Phone: 206-842-2047
Category: Construction

Member Since: 6/13/2018


little island crafts

Phone: 206-565-3996
Website: www.littleislandcrafts.com
Member Since: 6/8/2018


DHDesign & Marketing

Phone: 206-788-6513 Website: www.dhdesignmkt.com Category: Graphic Design
Member Since: 6/8/2018


Merrill Lynch – Jason Bausher

Phone: 206-855-4453 Website: www.fa.ml.com
Category: Financial Services Member Since: 5/31/2018


American Mold Inspection

Phone: 425-770-4375 Website: www.MoldMen.net Category: Mold Inspection Member
Since: 5/24/2018


Edward Jones

Phone: 206-842-1255 Website: http://www.edward-jones.com/patty-perez
Category: Financial Services – Wealth Management Member Since: 5/4/2018


Rory’s Custom Fabrication

Phone: 206-941-7297 Website: www.RorysCustomFabrication.com
Category: Manufacturing Member Since: 5/4/2018


Z Bones

Phone: 206-565-3162 Website: www.ZBones.com Category: Pet Products Member Since:


Evergreen Home Loans

Phone: 206-818-9901 Website: www.EvergreenHomeLoans.com Category:
Mortgage/Escrow/Title Member Since: 5/3/2018


Kitsap Children’s Musical Theatre

Phone: 360-621-9094 Website: www.KCMT.org Category: Entertainment Member Since:


Bainbridge Island Crossfit

Phone: 206-713-7820 Website: www.BainbridgeIslandCrossfit.com
Category: Health & Fitness Member Since: 4/6/2018


Mavada Personal Wealth Management

Phone: 425-417-3782 Website: www.MavadaWealth.com Category: Financial
Services – Wealth Management Member Since: 4/2/2018


We Speak Medicare

Phone: 360-644-727 Website: www.WeSpeakMedicare.org Category: Medicare
Insurance Member Since: 03/16/2018


Nick Felkey Photography LLC

Phone: 206-842-9333 Website: www.NickFelkey.com Category: Photography Member
Since: 3/5/2018



Phone: 503-345-9399
Website: www.Vacasa.com
Category: Lodging
Member Since: 3/2/2018

Tracey Miller Consulting

Phone: 408-740-8035
Website: www.TraceyMillerConsulting.com
Category: Human Resources Management
Member Since: 2/28/2018


First Federal

Phone: 800-800-1577 Website: www.OurFirstFed.com Category: Banking/Credit
Unions Member Since: 02/12/2018


The Design Lab 98110

Phone: 206-940-4299 Website: www.TheDesignLab98110.com Category:
Interior Design Member Since: 2/8/2018


Friedman Oens Gallery

Phone: 206-295-9321 Website: www.FriedmanOensGallery.com Category:
Art Galleries Member Since: 2/2/2018


Alina Korotkina Co.

Phone: 206-605-1510 Website: www.Korotkina.com Category: Fine Jewelry Member
Since: 2/2/2018


L’Atelier TR

Phone: 206-604-4864 Website: www.LatelierTR.com Category: Bakery/Cafe Member
Since: 1/22/2018


Island Rock Gym

Phone: 206-451-4020 Website: www.IslandRockGym.com Category: Recreation
Member Since: 1/22/2018


Fairway Independent Mortgage Corp.

Phone: 360-949-1580 Website: www.FairwayIndependentMC.com Category:
Mortgage/Escrow/Title Member Since: 1/19/2018


Natureworks Therapeutics

Phone: 206-651-5210 Website: www.StemCells-Washington.com Category:
Health Care Services Member Since: 1/12/2018


Mack and Williams LLC

Phone: 206-697-2291 Website: www.MackandWilliams.com Category:
Accounting/Bookkeeping Member Since: 1/4/2018